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Burloak Technologies Rolls Out Additive Manufacturing Engineered Solutions Partnership Program at PAS2017

Paris—June 21, 2017 Burloak Technologies, a leading, Canadian additive manufacturing company, and part of the Samuel group of companies, today announced its Engineered Solutions Partnership (ESP) program. The ESP program builds on Burloak’s experience in creating additive manufactured products to provide a structured partnership with the goal of assisting customers in introducing new, additive manufactured products.

“The industry opportunity is that additive manufactured designs can deliver improved system performance. The challenge in realizing that opportunity is demonstrating that the design can deliver good metallurgy and then demonstrating that the process can consistently deliver that metallurgy,” said Peter Adams, Burloak’s President. “Our team has developed the Engineered Solutions Partnership to move the industry beyond coupon testing.”

The ESP program is a comprehensive process that sees Burloak and its clients working together to create the initial design, intent and actual business case. Working hand-in-hand on design prototyping and testing takes the product from vision to reality culminating in initial product approval and eventual manufacturing process qualification.

Burloak will be discussing the ESP program at the 2017 Paris Air Show and will have experts on hand to discuss specific projects at the Industry Canada Showcase Hall 3/D70 and at Samuel’s Chalet (by invitation B19).

For more information, please contact: sales@burloaktech.com

About Burloak Technologies

Burloak Technologies, part of the family of Samuel companies, is a leading supplier of highly-engineered additive manufacturing solutions for clients with demanding applications in high-tech industries worldwide. Burloak delivers high quality, lightweight, fully functional additive manufactured parts for low to medium volume applications across a range of industries including: space, aerospace, defense, energy, medical, automotive, and transportation. In-house engineering, manufacturing and metrology capabilities make Burloak one of the few full-service suppliers in the industry. Together with its clients, Burloak works to re-create component and process specifications and move additive manufacturing from a prototyping technology to a certified production technology.

About Samuel and Co.

Founded in 1855, Samuel, Son & Co. is a family-owned and operated, integrated network of metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions. With over 4,800 employees and 100+ facilities, Samuel provides seamless access to metals, industrial products and related value-added services. Supporting over 40,000 customers, we leverage our industry expertise, breadth of experience and the passion of our people to help drive success for North American business – one customer at a time. www.samuel.com

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