SLS Additive Plastic Manufacturing

From rapid prototyping to fully functional production components

Additive Plastic Manufacturing (APM), or 3D plastic printing, using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is widely known for producing prototype parts. Burloak Technologies' additive plastics systems take 3D plastic printing beyond prototyping to deliver fully functional components in a wide range of plastics suitable for aerospace, electronics, spaceflight, automotive, industrial and consumer goods applications.

Additive 3D Printed Plastic Parts

Why should I choose Additive Plastic Manufacturing?

  • Wide range of materials available
  • Material properties similar to high quality molding but without the expensive tooling
  • Dense, strong and lightweight materials
  • Green technology with minimal waste; you only pay for the net part weight
  • Very fine details possible
  • Complex internal geometries
  • Print functional assemblies with living hinges right out of the machine
  • Quick delivery
  • No need for expensive tooling and fixtures

What types of plastics are available?

We can obtain powders and develop production processes for most plastics and offer the following options as standard:

  • PrimePart ST – Block Copolymer PEBA 2301
  • Nylon 12 (PA220/PA2201/PA2202)
  • Glass Filled Nylon 12 (PA3200)
  • Flame Retardent Nylon 12 (PA2241)
  • Carbonmide
  • Alumide

How can parts be finished?

Burloak has complete capability to finish additive plastic components from polishing through plating, painting and even machining using precision multi-axis CNC machining.

How are parts inspected for quality?

Our Full Metrology Lab complete with CMM, laser scanning and metallurgical experts ensure production parts meet exacting specifications.

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